Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Nora's Nursery Adjustable Cloth Pocket Baby Diaper (Owl) with 1 Bamboo Insert for Boy or Girl

Cloth diapers are a new hit trend. They are a lot better for your baby. Plus cheaper on your pocket book. Theses cloth diapers are made really well i was totally surprised.  They are on amazon and come in several different patterns. Such as pink, black, owl, pink blossom. I did get the owl one as i am in love with owls.

You are able to get this in a one pack, 7 pack and 10 pack. I only got the one.  The material on this diaper is super soft. I love how it has plenty of snaps on it so you can make it fit just about any size kid.  I would say before you use this on your little one to wash it. Never use bleach on this as you will ruin it.  If you are out and about i would suggest looking into a wet bag to carry theses in when they are dirty. I am super happy with them and cant wait to get more. I think theses are made really well. I did get theses for a discounted rate in exchange for a unbiased review.

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